Here is the ultimate in prestigious Belgian flax bed linen. This Queen size sheet set is 200 GSM. Great for winter and colder climates around the world.

OUR YUMMY LINEN 100 percent pure Belgian flax linen is presented to you in a soft twill weave that you will not find in other stores.

The twill weave and treatment of the flax fibre leaves the set feeling very soft from the time you receive it. 

This set is not textural like other linens, but smooth and luxurious.  

WE say the colour is Beige for ease of finding but we call it "mangrove'. The colour is taken from the seed of an Australian mangrove, so it is a very natural nondescript colour, and my favourite!

As a neutral colour it will go with many colour combo's and is great for all sexes. 

Classy, simplicity and divine bedding to jump in the sac and be happy you bought it.

Linen is warm in winter and cool in summer and at 200 GSM this set is great for anybody, and especially those living in a cooler climate. 

No need for flannelette sheets any more. Sleeping in bed in natural fibres is great for your health.

Simply wash in warm or cold water, hang to dry and put back on your bed. 

Linen drys quickly and does not require ironing. 

1 x Queen bed fitted sheet - roomy and will fit all queen mattresses. 45 cm pocket.

1 x flat sheet

 2 x pillow cases 

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