Sustainable Saharan agave cactus silk, camel wool, vegetable dyes.


The spiky leaves from sustainable Saharan agave cactus are harvested, hammered and then soaked to release fibers.

This then becomes cactus silk.

The fibers are then hand spun using traditional processes to make cactus silk.   The silk is then combined with camel wool and handwoven on a loom to make cactus silk rugs that in turn are made into these vintage cushion covers.

All the handmade cushion covers are unique and no two are identical. Small imperfections in the weaving and stitching give each piece the look and feel of something precious. 

Being what they are and handmade , the exact sizes vary a bit so please allow for that. WE see that as a bonus that is uniquely yours, not as a fault. Infact we encourage quirkiness! 

SIZE: 50 cm x 50 cm 

They are very soft and oh so yummy to touch which adds  a unique loveliness to your home furnishings. 

AT Yummy Linen we work hard sourcing the finest, yummiest, most unique pieces we can find on a global level. We design all our Vintage Collection Linen so you won’t find our products anywhere else. We are also approachable, real and fun! 

 So if you are after something yummy in a certain colour, talk to us and if we can find it and think it’s a seller, we’ll have it made for you.

Cover size is 15 x 15 inches Variation do occur, due to being hand made.

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