Daisy Ati Sundar Kantha Quilt

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Daisy Ati Sundar Kantha Quilt Collection - Yummy Linen

Ati Sundar means Exquisite!

Our hand-picked Vintage Kantha Quilts of the collection Ati Sundar, meaning Exquisite are exclusive to Yummy Linen.

Each piece has been hand-stitched from Vintage Saris by hill tribe women in India.

Yummy Linen is working with a small, Indian family business dedicated to supporting outlying local villages in India.

Each of these Vintage Kanthas has 4 to 5 layers of plant-dyed cotton, hand-stitched together over a period of 4 to 5 days.

The ladies happily sew and design their work. They are proud of their creations and grateful to be paid and support their families.

When buying from us, you are assured that small communities are being paid fairly for their work.

Our Ati Sundar Kantha Quilt Collection is limited.

We are looking to gain interest from our clientele as to whether these products are of interest.

Bespoke in every way.

 Sizes vary slightly. 

Free Shipping Australia wide.

 International postage $45

New Zealand $20

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