Kantha Quilt - Ati Sundar Garden King Queen

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  • Green flowers paisley continuous pattern with Kantha Stitch over two layers of new cotton cloth on a white background.
  • Lots of natural garden colours with green, mustard, red, blue, in a timeless paisley design.
  • The back side of the quilt shows rows of hand stitching that create their own unique pattern.
  • Lots of natural garden colours with green, mustard, red, blue, in a timeless paisley design.


Kantha Quilt - Ati Sundar 'Garden'

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Our Kantha Quilt -ATI SUNDAR 'Garden' has been hand stamped and hand-sewn by local hill tribe artisans.

Yummy Linen works directly with a family business who empower the local women by employing them to make the Kantha Quilts.

These artisans are proud to be recognised and paid for their work. The art of dying and block printing is the work of men.

We can give personal feedback to the artists who worked on and made your quilt. Better than Fair Trade Style!

Kantha is a slow fashion, depending on which type you order the cloth is either old or new.

This listing is for a new cotton cloth Kantha Quilt that will fit a KING or QUEEN size bed.

 Yummy Linen's Kantha Ati Sundar 'Garden' King / Queen Quilt

has been hand-picked by us, for you. The soft pinks and blue's of this flowery pattern are relaxing and happy.

Us the Kantha as a quilt, throw blanket, wall hanging or anything you desire.

Your new quilt is an original and no two designs are ever the same.

Welcome to Yummy Linen's Slow Fashion.

Kantha quilts are made from organic cotton and plant-based dyes.

Sizes vary slightly due to being hand made.

Light weight. Two layers of cotton.

Queen or King size 226 x 260 cms

Loose ended threads give the authentic look to Kantha.

They will easily fit across a king size bed.

 Australian postage is free.

International postage is from $45 - $95

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