About Yummy Linen

Yummy Linen is an Australian Bedding and Soft Furnishing Brand and our mission is to produce quality bedding without the use of synthetics. Earth to Earth and slow fashion style our signature product is our Linen Bedding where we work with the manufactures to produce a weave, quality and weight of Linen we desire for the Australian Climate.
We also partner with small businesses in other countries who produce our exclusive designs for us. Many of these designs are hand made and we can even name the people who worked on our soft furnishings. By working this way we are ensuring that local village workers get paid and can support their families. The women do our Kantha stitching and the men do the block printing and dying of our Indian cotton products.
Yummy Linen's mission is to reuse what we already have or grow sustainable organic crops for the production of fibres for our soft furnishing. We do not use plastics, synthetics, or man-made fibres.