Flax Linen Pillow Slips with Vintage Fraying - Yummy Linen

Flax Linen Pillow Slips with Vintage Fraying - Yummy Linen

Thank you to all our wonderful customers that are loving our Vintage Style Bedding Collection. The softly frayed edges to give a timeless elegance to your bedroom. Our Luxury Flax Linen pillowcases have been well received and the fact that they are double-sided ticks the box for both men and woman making them a great choice for that bedroom makeover or interior design change.

If you decide you don't want your frayed edging showing, simply turn inside out for a completely different look, they work both ways. In fact, to slow your fray down always wash inside out and then cut the long threads that become loose for the softest fringe.

Our Linen is 165 - 180 GSM, making it one of the best on the Australian market and your assurance of soft long fibres and strength in your sheets. Linen quality and 'thread count' goes by weight, not thread count and quality Linen Products will always tell you the weight ( 160 - 185 GSM). Buying Linen is a more expensive choice than flannelette sheets but Yummy Linen will last you many years more, without the pilling.

Our Linen does not shrink and is 100% Linen. We do not cheapen our products by blending fibres. Blending of fibres is what you will find in most cheap Linen Sheeting, so while you think you're getting a bargain, you are so not! They will more than likely develop holes and fall apart. Linen doesn't play well with others, and is best left as its hero fibre.

So for all those out there with heat issues, we can fully recommend our Luxury Linen Pillowcases to get some relief from night sweats. PLUS our Linen is fairly stain resistant. It truly is a magnificent fibre that is more Earth Friendly than many others.

We imported product samples from 22 different companies over 5 countries and discovered there are many poor-quality 'Linen' products out there in the market. We finally went with one company that has all the required ethical standards certificates in place and produces an amazing quality Linen Product.

Changing your interior bedroom styling is like a breath of fresh air and after working hard for many years and raising that family, you deserve to come home to quality bedding by our Yummy Linen Brand. Give yourself the love you deserve and order the highest quality Linen and Cotton Bedding from us for a restful Earth Friendly sleep.

Our standards are high at Yummy Linen and our principles are just as high. As there is no real manufacturing of bedding in Australia we need to find partners from around the world who work to the highest standards, and we have done just that with all our Organic Cotton / Bamboo Sheets and Quilts and Flax Linen Products.

We choose the dyes to be plant dyes and we also are lucky enough to have a range of yarn-dyed stripy Linen on its way to us. Yarn-dyed and then woven is an excellent quality product so don't miss out on that when it arrives in June.

17th May 2019 Yummy One

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