Flax Linen's and Lace - Farmhouse Style Luxury Bedding

Flax Linen's and Lace - Farmhouse Style Luxury Bedding


Linen and Lace Sheets are a timeless choice for that luxury Bedroom look and feel. We custom sew our cotton lace to our Linen Bedding and it would be unlikely you will see your Linen Sheets in any one elses room. With a mix and match range of options you can create your lux styling easily.

At Yummy Linen, we love texture, so our Linen works with our Cotton quilted blankets as well as our Organic Cotton Bedding. Our Organic Cotton has a glossy sheen to it which adds to the rich look and feel of your bedroom. 

Making over your bedroom has never been easier all you need to is find the sheets, quilts and quilted coverlets in your bed size and start designing the look and feel you want.

As always we are here to help and if you would like to see a few combo's before you buy, just email us and we can make that happen. 

At Yummy Linen we are real people with a passion for quality bedding and Earth Friendly Products. We are a small business in Australia and Love designing our bedding range for you all to enjoy. 

25th Jun 2019

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