In fashion interior color choices for your bedroom styling.

In fashion interior color choices for your bedroom styling.

As the seasons change, we change with them. In Winter we tend to eat more hot meals than cold, and we crave that feeling of warmth and comfort. Your bedroom styling can change as well by bringing in warm tones and texture. Linen sheets are perfect for Winter. You don't need flannelette once you have Linen Bedding as the Linen regulates to your body and is fantastic in all seasons.

Styling your bedroom in different colours can be cost-effective and give you bang for your buck, as you can add more choices as you go. We have a vast array of beautiful pieces to choose from. Every one of them has been hand-picked by us, for you.

We are loving mustard quilt rust, mud cloth, earthy neutral tones and greens this season. Kantha quilts add colour, contrast, texture and interest to your bedroom, and can be styled in a multitude of ways. They are all double-sided, with one side solid colour and the other block printed by hand. Plus, all the stitching is hand done and there are no machines in sight. Each one is an individual. You may find threads that have ended, then started again. There may be variations to the dye stamping, and we hope so! This is what we look for in bespoke interior furnishings.

Our Kantha collection teams beautifully with our Raw Linen and Linen Quilt and sheet sets, not to mention our quilted coverlet/blankets. At Yummy Linen, with our Boho, Slow Fashion Styling, we love to mix and match and always want you to add to your collection of Yummy Linen and have it work. As always we are here to help, so if you need us, send us an email, or reach out to us on social media.

28th Jun 2020 Yummy One

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