Luxury Linen and Hand Crafted Textiles

Luxury Linen and Hand Crafted Textiles

Luxury Linen bedding is our thing, and we only use high-quality fibres in our Linen sheet and duvet sets. Yummy Linen is now a bohemian trader of fine cotton and silk goods.

Linen Lovers, it seems that 2020 has come and gone so fast that it is the year that never was. I suppose a pandemic will do that to the world. Is our 2021 any better, we ask? As a forward-thinking business, we quickly decided to work with a country that will need help through this terrible time and agreed upon using India. Would you please take a look at our genuine leather goods, stunning quilts, and hand-stitched Kanthas?

As we are slow fashion and love handmade goods, many of the textiles produced in India fit our brief, and we were lucky enough to find a small local business in Jupuir to work through our ideas with.

As our stunning hand block stamped and stitched Kantha Quilts began to sell, we decided to try a new concept altogether and started designing leather goods. Genuine leather, no synthetic leather, only the real thing. Our tote bags, ladies wallets and handcrafted journals are now very loved by the Australian community. Our leather journal covers can be reused through the years by simply refilling the pages once used. So it should last a lifetime and more! All the paper is hand made and recycled from cotton, making it 'rag paper' and a delight to write or draw on.

While some tote bags are all leather, we also designed some with embroidery, but we do not create the pattern as we ask each artisan to tell their own story. So, when we get one back with large hearts, it means the world to us as we know that person, who we will never meet, is saying thank you for all the work we are giving them. Without our support, many of these small village communities would have no job, no money, and then no food.

Our gifts collection starts at just $15, and we have lots of things to choose from. In our gifting collection, we have our leather journals, clutch purses, cloth-covered notebooks, ladies wallets, vintage beach bags, tote bags, kimono's, quilts and of course, our signature range of luxury Linen bedding.

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29th Nov 2020

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