Organic Cotton Sheet and Duvet Sets with Three Looks

Our ECO Organic Cotton Sheet and Quilt Set come in a variety of colours that mix and match beautifully with our ever-popular Cotton Quilted Blankets or Summer Weighted Quilt sets that also come with 2 x pillowcases. In this series of images, we are showing you three sets and three different looks to complete your bedroom makeover. Our luxurious cotton bedding is 650 count and very breathable for your resting sleep.

We offer only 100% fibre and use no synthetic fillers in our bedding. Unfortunately, if you knew to look, you would find that so much supposed 'cotton', Linen and Bamboo sheeting is made up of up to 95% SYNTHETICS and still badged as cotton!

Sleeping in plastic is not our thing at Yummy l i n e n and so we chose to design and produce 100% fibre bedding for the greater good of everyone and the Earth. Our bedding is 100% biodegradable and breaks down in landfill. Many other companies products will be around for thousands of years destroying our planet for generations to come.

In these images, we are showing you three looks using the same three sets of Yummy Linen Bedding. We are showing the Arctic Cotton Sheet Set, the Steel Grey Duvet/ Quilt Set and the Charcoal Quilted Summer Blanket.

The Summer blanket is all we require in Australia during Summer and Autumn, and the quilt set can be added as the nights are getting cooler. Mix and match as you please to create different looks each week. 

11th Feb 2019

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