Our Beautiful Linen Bedding And Cotton Quilted Coverlets.

Our Beautiful Linen Bedding And Cotton Quilted Coverlets.

Our Beautiful Linen Bedding And Cotton Quilted Coverlets.

A massive thank you to our customers that have gone gar-gar over our beautiful linen bedding and cotton quilted coverlets. The picture in this blog is one of our customers orders and she is thrilled with it all. In her words OMG they feel so good, love love love Yummy Linen's quality linen. 

Here's a tip for you, if you are buying cheap linen, then its not 100% linen- it will be a blend, or not linen at all!

Our Beautiful Linen Bedding REVIEW

'These linen sheets are simply DELICIOUS!!!! Amazing quality, thick and SOFT!!! I am in LOVE!!!'-  from our face book page - yummy linen -and then -"amazing range of colours and styles!! The feel of the linen is so much better than any other fabric."

Our Beautiful Linen Bedding And Cotton Quilted Coverlets All Natural Fibres

Thanks ladies, linen- that is quality linen is addictive, there is just something earthy and wonderful that you can not explain without experiencing it. I love linen in all forms and that will never change, it's just to lovely. When your in bed, in the sac, shacked up, loved up, or enjoying your own special time, you will love our linen. At 180 GSM it is great quality french flax and all the fitted sheets are designed with extra deep pockets so they will fit your king bed mattress! Our linen is oversized, including extra roomy pillowslips and fitted and flat sheets for all AU bed sizes.

We have also designed a simple range, featuring four colours, of quilted coverlets, comforters, or blankets, which ever you prefer. These are 100% cotton crepe and are very light weight, soft and yummy. They are designed for use on your bed in the summer months as a pull up for when the weather changes and gets that little bit cool, or as a summer blanket when sleeping with the air conditioner on. Our range currently comes in King size Linen and cotton bedding and queen size linen and cotton bedding. All our bedding products are designed in Australia. 

1st Feb 2018 Yummy One

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