Slow Fashion Styling with Yummy Linen. Upcycled Saris


In a world filled with fast-paced action and disposable living, Yummy Linen's philosophy goes against the grain.

Each of our products is made for a lifetime of use and are fully biodegradable.

With the Covid-19 worldwide pandemic affecting us all, we hope now people will start to value the Earth and healthy living more. Whilst we have been in lockdown, behind the scenes we have been working very hard on a new and exciting range of Yummy Linen Eco Bedding Products.

As Australians, we are blessed with health care, hospitals, and medical services available to us all. But many countries around the world are not so lucky. These countries will struggle more than us to recover. To survive, these family businesses need to bring money in for their families and the communities they support. We choose to work closely with these families.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shut the world down, but not the convenience of the internet, so over the last six weeks, we have been sourcing international artisans to produce our new range of unique and truly one-off pieces. Made and designed exclusively for Yummy Linen.

Vintage Kantha upcycled throw blankets.

And they will all be arriving soon.

All are upcycled from cotton sari's that have been dyed using natural plant-based dyes and are starting a new life as soft furnishings.

We will also have Indian Kantha bedspreads, both from new block printed cloth, to vintage cotton sari's as well as Kantha vintage cloth designer handbags. Each piece has been sourced by us, and, we have been working over the internet with our international partners.

Australia does not produce textiles. All of our cloth for bed sheets, towels, and so on comes from other countries. We work with countries mainly in the "Golden Triangle" that have textiles in their blood and thousands of years of experience in all things textile.

Our newest collection of Slow Fashion ethical upcycled homewares, soft furnishings, and glam handbags will be arriving towards the end of May 2020.

2nd May 2020 Yummy One

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